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Fail Emotions

Makes Bad

Fail Emotions

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After all i want say - thank you
I don't hate you, Don't despise you
But i should not tell what i think about you
I have learned all my mistakes
Vicariously... My Instincts will never put me to trap
Made by you
Cuz it makes that
It makes me stronger
Cuz it makes me that much stronger
How could this life i thought i knew
Turn out to be unlust Unstable
Full of problems just like you
But what about me?
I have learned all my mistakes
Vicariously.. My instincts will never put me to trap
Just liek you
No, i'm just kid
Take yourself
Give me that
And make me stronger
Do you know what makes me bad?
I don't know what makes me bad
Don't make me bad
I don't want stay alone
Don't make me bad...
What doesn't kill me make me stronger
This is fight
For my life
You don't lie and you don't try too hard
And never makes it all about you
Well maybe it's right

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