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Fail Emotions

My Millions Inside

Fail Emotions

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Why do human beings like to impose
Their own opinions on other?
I had still hope

You hold inside
In your warm and familiar form
So perfect lie
Your mind now awaking inside

You had to have it all
Well have you had enough?
I will be the one who scream at the walls
That's what I deserve
I pay nothing for you on this way
I'm just trying to survive the day

How you can bless my life through the words?
Anyway in the depths of my soul
I still have hope
I still hope that you will stretch out his hand to me
And your right hand saves me
Your name is so high and I can't hear it
Where were you when I needed you?

You releasing with a lie and
You're my millions inside
My lovely tears falling for you

We're was born to walk on water
I forget that
But I hate everyone of you
Take my hands, keep my heart in purity

So plastic peace, so plastic wars
And fingers deep inside your holes
Trying to buy you'll never owns
Get ready now your money burn

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