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Divine Symphony


Divine Symphony

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While others worshipped other god, death, pain,
torture were the consequence of believing
People that grew in number every day who faced
all everything to defend the teaching of Christ ressurrected

Because Christ gave his own blood
To fulfill the prophecies written in the book of truth
And to save mankind
The empire wanted to kill the ones who believe in him

For the more they were killed the more they lived
the more they were thrown into the prision the freer
they become and all that opression
because they proclaimed what they believed

battles fought people opressed lives taken away
the fear of rebellion against the empire
was the reason for opression of the christians?
but nothing could restains what was in their hearts

The death is just the way for me to meet the father

The trials were very hard fear dominated many
Christians lives was an unsure things because becoming a
Christians was synonymous to living in the
spirit but dying in the body

Is better avoid the sins than flee of death
is today you aren't prepared, how you will be in the future?
the one isn't right, how will know that will live until there?

Every martyrs buried was like a seed
transformed into tree and multiplied
as through the empire hadn't defeated them
because they won trough their death

The death is just the way for me to meet the father

Many fighters heard the holy ghost and refused
because their were afraid dying
but the one who resist to the end will be delivered
there's no reason to be separated from God.

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