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Divine Symphony

Fallen Face

Divine Symphony

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Why hating him if he gabe himself up for you
Why blaspheming him if he died for you
Why you don't accept him in he takes care of you
He has been helping you and doesn't want anything from you

Don't be with the evilness try to free yourself
from all the chains
That are holding you and will take you to the
gates of hell

A tear arise from a fallen face
Loneliness moades a sadly heart
A soul longing for divine forgiviness
And claims for celestial merry
Go! Raise your head and wake up
Don't let anguish destroy your life
Rold my hands I can show your life
Let's walk together in paradise

Don't be scare of facing the world
There is a good way to follow the up

Your enimits will cause no evil to you
Cause you are under god's protection
That won't give you in evil'shands
And you feel victoryonly under his hands

Don't be scared of being happy
Open your heart and shed your soul
But your head up and listen to God's voice
Get courage and be winner
Go! Walk about the waters by faith
Raise your showed and sea will open uself
Get findfilled from glory of the Saint Spirit

And in your soul a sea of live water will run

Because only Jesus Christ is the way truth and life
The lord thet delivered himself to death
There's no condenation for those who accept Christ
There's only victory and it's in chose hands

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