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Divine Symphony

Eternal Salvation

Divine Symphony

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For holy Christ I believe my life
Through his blood world was free
Bringing hope for those who seek for him
Without exceptions cause love is above everything

The biggest love prove that God has shown to mankind, A merciful act for people dept in demise, He did not care about his own suffering in any moment

And with his acts Jesus Christ showed the world the power of God
The powerful divinity teaching us a new way but people didn't believe that it's Messiah

What breaks my heart is the way they betrayed him. Because people who followed Christ screaming crucifix him

And they spanked my Lord
They nailed him in the cross
Tore their clothes and showed
His naked body
But God resurrected him
And at he is now at his side
Until he put his enemies
Under his feet

Christ left your pain
Because his image
Reciever Christ in your heart
Because salvation is him

You won't see destruction in your life
Because your life is protected
Reciever life edify your home
Because there's protection in your life

We didn't love him but he loved us first
And men preffered death than glorifying the God's son

For men understand and withdraw the blindfold
And keep going in the promise of eternal life

The men of God began to move away and the sin began to come close
Going to his destiny walking in his own away
Because the divine and huge love gave his own son

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