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Despotic Hate

Collective Pain

Despotic Hate

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Ordinary days, intrinsic of human life, let meaningful things pass over eyes
Masquerading as routine, the fragile false happiness finds true pain
Then comes the time of guilt for having bothered with insignificant things
And this pain has passed from single to a collective meaning

Collective pain will not let go away the cycle of suffering!

Guilt of wasting time with insignificant actions feeds the collective pain
Good moments didn’t exist because of judgment now feed the collective pain

Now he is dead! We can’t do anything!
Stop to feed the collective pain!
This suffering will dig our abyss!
Stop to act like this!

Ordinary days, intrinsic of human life, are aimed to be routine
So, you were trained by yourself to not believe in your doctrine
Now you fill that void with your pain
Making others feel the same way

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