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Despotic Hate

Living In a Dark Place

Despotic Hate

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I live in a dark place
I know out there exist light
But I don’t want to see it
Please don’t try to help me
I just want to stay alone
Here I am save from the rest

I always was part of the rest
But now I try to live by my way
It’s hard to keep all my thoughts
All darkness thoughts are torturing me
I can’t hear the silence anymore
This disturbing sound everyday

Please stay away!
I don’t what to see your face
My eyes just see what is dark
Your bright hurts my eyes, my mind

You appear in my live to bring me pain
False hope, false love
Don’t give me a chance to be happy
We aren’t from the same world

I just want to disappear with my despair
Don’t try to take me with you
To your dead dream world
Leave me into my dark place

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