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Despotic Hate

Second of Purity

Despotic Hate

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Pressure of tomorrows, social stagnation
Everyday repressed silent negation
Blindness, falsehood, scattered grins and emptiness
A utopia behind the desire for a breast full of rot

You cannot recognize yourself
We are gonna enter in collapse
You couldn't understand

The financial disaster plaguing your sleep
Duty weakens your will and your words
Hunger is not natural, but social, psychotropic
Incomprehensible, morbid and for a second

The contraction of cerebral veins is inevitable
For a moment, a second, your wrath will arise
Like a plague that takes control of your mouth
Your eyes, your fists, your mind
One second that seems eternal

Uncontrolled, given up conflict despair
The pain you the other we without faith
Disgust drug disillusion
Fear the sore the immolation

Second of purity sacred of rage
Infamous purity of man
Purity nature condition of disease and disgrace
The most of us war ahead, our second hate!

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