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Deep Odium

Promised Throne

Deep Odium

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Dark Queen, oh my Queen
Which deviltry led you to grave
My Queen, oh my Queen
So much cursing disgraceAgainst my will they dare to kill
My goddess full of grace
They cut her head despite her prays
And tears running down her face
Three knights took part, may them be cursed,
In this forbidden chase
Now they must fear, for my wrath is near,
The end of there useless raceThey will have no morning, no one will cry for them
As they bestow their swords upon her they will now…
Regret of there deeds…
Pray on their knees…
Fall on their…Graves!The time as come as to use the crown and to take my promised throne
As my Queen lays cold in her bed so old and gently made of mar more stoneNow it's time, they must pay for their sinful deeds
I summoned them to there final fate and to bow to there new QueenUpon the throne her body lies, crowned my precious Queen
His finally by my side
And as your heartless gesture, your hearts will be taken by behind
As your betrayal to your Queen, my brideDark Queen, oh my Queen
Which deviltry led to disgrace
My Queen, oh my Queen
Forever I shall weep on your grave

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