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Deep Odium

Nocturnal Quest

Deep Odium

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They search the night in her deepest infinity
Reflecting their sorrows, blames and desires
They cursed the light as she unveils the unveils the ugly
Submitting their eyes to visions of miserySummoning the night, the caress of her touch
Comforting shell in which they would rest their souls"Night, in your mourning gown…
Night, how divine you are!"Spirits of the night
Slay our souls
Trough this endless night
Spirits of the night
Fill your cups
With unholy blood
Take mine and theirs
For us mortals are week
And full of fearsUnleash the hordes of hell! Now blood runs trough the stench of death
In the battlefield were horrors had take place
Were thousands of men lost their fears
Following the dream of a nocturnal quest

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