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Deep Odium

Aeternus Esxecratus Nocturnus

Deep Odium

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When the sun suffocating light dims
And the night spell invades my mind
I dream with you, to tame you
To attain your desire and capture your undying soulIn a black coffin I imagine your body sleeping…Entwined together, making love for the last time
My fluids mix with a purulent liquid inside of you
As filthy vermin's scavenge trough your body
I try to reach for your heart but nothing remains for meTo torment me even more
Your womb bursts filling me with dark dead blood
As a violent urge
Commands me to feed from you and this I doI see your white pale bony face dismember
And fall rotten submerging in a sea of eagerness
As I lust nothing more then to reach for your carcass
And breed the putrid air that in your body remainsNow I depart satisfied to have you with me, inside of me
Leaving black roses all over your torn apart bodyAnd with this dream I dwell…
Aeternus, Esxecratus, Nocturnus…

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