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David Kauffman

Turn Around Slowly

David Kauffman

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I met a grandfather and all of his children
And as we were talking, a tear filled his eye.
He smiled at my child; I handed her to him
And just for a moment he went back in time.

He remembered the dreams of having a family,
Of holding the ones that God sent his way.
The joy they would bring him to make his heart larger.
Then he looked in my eyes and said:

Turn around slowly. Time is a racer.
The wink of an eye takes you from here to there.
Turn around slowly, and treasure your days here.
These precious moments may come to be rare.

In a flash, he discovered my foolish wishes.
I wished she was walking and talking and more.
But why hurry what will pass me so quickly?
I should be longer to linger.


And held in his arms my child turned back to me
As if to say, "Listen well."
She said, "Look at me, Daddy, and love me this moment;
This moment is all that we have."
She said:


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