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David Kauffman

Don't Stop Lookin'

David Kauffman

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I hide behind my anger
I hide behind my fear
I hide behind anything else i can find
To keep you from here

I don't know how you know me
I don't know how you care
I don't know how you give an inch
When i put miles between me and there
Still i'm begging you to always keep an eye
To never end the search for what's inside...oh

Don't stop looking, looking for my heart
See me here behind every mask (rock) i find
Don't stop looking, looking for my soul
Take me past the scar that keeps me in the dark,
Don't stop looking, don't stop looking

I can't say where it happened
I don't remember when
But something made me cover up
The child of god i've always been

You'd think since i can name it
And point out what it is
That it should be so easy to pull the cover
Off again
But something keeps me guarded
Keeps my freedom out at bay
Another reason. lord, for you to stay...oh oh


Until my heart's unguarded and i'm out of
This maze
Do your best to keep me covered up by
Your grace
Hey, hey


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