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David Kauffman

I'm Sorry

David Kauffman

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Sarah Banaszak was five yeas old
I was eight, I was great, I lived across the street
We moved in before they did which gave me the right
To be mean, she was green it would be a quick defeat
Everyone laughed 'cause she was was meeker than us
Here came my chance to prove I was tough

I'm sorry I pushed you down
I did not know what I was doing
I thought I'd grow taller if I made you smaller
I was wrong, I was wrong
So I'm sorry I pushed you down

Ten years of marriage to my friend, Leah
I like the walks, I like the talks,
I still like holding hands
But, I can't count the times I turned away
And like a fool I blamed you for my offence
The days unnumbered and the nights untold
That I broke your heart and I bruised your soul


Forgiveness finds me every time I beg to be made new
But I can't halp remembering how I was such a fool
Maybe me heart's telling me to get down on my knees
Remember who I've hurt the most and make my peace

Whatever I have done to one of these
I have read, You have said, I have done to You
I try not to hear You when I hurt someone
It takes days before I say, >Jesus what have I done?<
And so I come to You, my heart to bear
Won't You hear me as I pray this prayer


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