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Dark Crystals' Land

Devoured by Angels

Dark Crystals' Land

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I was climbing the hill, just to free my mind
Just beside the river, I was pasing by
Something was wrong, didn`t know why
The water was strange, Something now has change
I didn`t know that exist black birds here
Another look, i look straight
they were black birds feeding

Behind the trees I am, looking this terrible scene
The noyse they do makes me feel like screaming
The smell of death invades the air
Blood is running on the river
A knife fallen on the ground
Their hungry now is out of control

On sunny day he was dead
On sunny day he was eaten
On sunny day he was devoured
Devoured by angels

What the did to be killed?
Or he was just an unfortunate
When passin by the river
Why did he suffer this way?

I can see the dead´s man face
It was not devoured yet
Devoured body is mine
I am only a wonder soul

Now I can remenber Why the angels has killed me
I Was trying to escape from myself
Stabbing the knife on my heart
The Hungry angels could not permmit
I change my fate so they attacked me
And I was devoured by Angels

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