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Dark Crystals' Land

The Crack of Doom

Dark Crystals' Land

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As I look deep in the night
The sky has turned to fire
The moon now is only a bloody ball
All the stars have wiped out

In the sea / fishes has died
On the river / absint fell burning like a torch
In the jungle / all the trees burned
In the sky / no moon, no sun, no stars
All in darkness

The well of abyss is opened
And a great deal of smoke
Cover the sun and the air
Also in the smoke rise abaddom in a grasshopper

Grasshopper with power to hurt
A man for five months
These ones will call the death
But the death will not come

The angels prepared to kill the men were freed
In their horses with lions heads
And their mouths throwing fire, smoke and

All the men who weren't dead
By these scourge will not repent
From their killings, witchcraft and

They are the survivors
They are the stronger
They are the satan`s soldiers

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