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Dark Crystals' Land

Put His Legions to Death

Dark Crystals' Land

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Questions about heaven
Why do I have to answer?
Questions about creation
Why do you believe in Adan and Eve?

It`s a lie to the world and you believe
If your mind is short you`ll serve a lord
Who let his own son die on the cross
What will he do for you?

I Am the darkness` son
I don`t have sin
It doesn`t exist in hell
The soldiers of shadowns
Walk with me
I`ve got the protection
Cause I Wanna destroy your god

Oh, master almighty
Let me be the false prophet
Let me begin the devastation
I Wanna make Jesus suffer again
And put is legions to death

Your blood, I wanna drink
Jesus, recrucify him
Death, to our enemies

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