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My Car Won't Go

Da Yoopers

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1. I Wake Up in the Morning and Its Forty Below
The Weatherman Tells Me Its Too Cold to Snow
I Look Out the Window and I Know That He's Lying
My Car's Out of Sight and the Snows Still Flying
"Will the Car Start?" You Know It Won't
"Did They Plow the Road?" You Know They Don't
"Am I Late For Work?" You Know You Are
Stuck Again? So's Your Car
I Shovel and I Shovel and I Shovel That Snow
I Gotta Get Out, But My Car Won't Go
I Get the Cabin Fever When the North Wind Blows
I Gotta Get Out, But My Car Won't Go

2. I Call Up the Neighbor, He's Got Four Wheel Drive
He Can't Get Out He's Buried Alive
Snowshoe Over, Play Some Fifteen Two
I Gotta Cheer Up Cause I Feel So Blue
"Crank Up the Blower," It Won't Run
"Grab the Shovel," Its Much More Fun
"My Back Is Broke," You're Halfway There
Snowing Again, But I Don't Care

(Repeat Chorus)

I Have a Hot Date, Can't Be Late
Still Snowed in She Just Can't Wait
Stuck in the Drive, Stuck in the House
Watching Tv Stuck On the Couch
"Start Eating Again," Oh What a Bore
"I Jumped a Size," Oh Eat Some More
"I Look Like Hell," Well Loosen the Belt
One of These Days This Snows Gonna Melt

(Repeat Chorus)

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