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Da Yoopers

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I knew you were a psycho right from the start
You measure your friends by the way that they fart
When my friends come around i feel so degraded
You act like a dweeb they say, "is he related?"
(male vocal)
Hey pizza face you look like a blister
I don't tell anyone you're my sister
Look at those teeth you look like a beaver
And those ears of yours look like radar receivers

Chorus: (female vocal)
Get off my case you big butt face
You're too weird for the human race
You're a mental monkey that belongs in a zoo
And all of your friends are as geeky as you

(female vocal)
You eat like a pig and you look like one too
It smells like something died in your shoes
You got potatoes growing out of your ears
Are you planning on taking a bath this year?

(male vocal)
You got a body just like donald duck
Your face could stop a garbage truck
You camp in the bathroom to fix your hair
Its not halloween who you trying to scare?

(repeat chorus)

(male vocal)
Go look in the mirror you look like a dork
Has someone been stabbing your face with a fork?
You don't need nose plugs when you go for a swim
You could plug up those nostrils with two bowling pins

(female vocal)
You think you're hot and you think you're great
How come you can't get a human to date?
You and your boyfriend were made for each other
He looks like freddy and you look like his mother

(repeat chorus)

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