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Grandpa Got Run Over By a Beer Truck

Da Yoopers

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Grandpa got run over by a beer truck
Coming out of woody's christmas day
Grandma got a job out at the brewery
I never knew that she could drive that way
1. grandpa was out drinking with the floozies
Spending all of grandma's hard earned dough
He didn't have enough to pay the bar tab
So woody tossed him out into the snow

2. grandpa stood there frozen in the head lights
He looked just as helpless as a deer
I don't think he was afraid of dying
I think he was afraid he'd spill his beer

(repeat chorus)

3. who'd have thought he'd end up as a road kill
She flattened him right out on the center line
He could have made it to the curb if he were quicker
But she backed it up and squashed him one more time

4. grandma cried and cried at grandma's funeral
Not because we peeled him off the road
All the loot she got from his insurance
Went to pay the bar tab that he owed

(repeat chorus)

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