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Happy Birthday Fungus Face

Da Yoopers

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1. i was cleaning out my toilet bowl
When your birthday came to mind
So i sat right down to write for you
A happy birthday rhyme
So here's a birthday song i wrote
To tell you how i feel
Ever since you dumped me
Your birthday's no big deal
Happy birthday fungus face
No one else can take your place
You a worthless piece of human waste
I'm so glad you've gone away
Happy birthday beaver breath
You're not that easy to forget
You're just like something bad i've et
Have a lousy day

2. may you wrap your precious pick-up truck
Around a jackp1ne tree
And never get a dime
From your insurance company
May your buddies get religion
May the breweries all run dry
May you eat some moldy birthday cake
And shit until you die

(repeat chorus)

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