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Role Of a Lifetime

Bare: A Pop Opera

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Everything's an act,
When you're pleasing everyone.
And he assumes that role
To such renown.
He plays a perfect part,
Straight from his heart
Knowing the risk he takes
And hoping that the house
Is not brought down.

The role of a lifetime is living a fantasy.
The trauma that you struggle to erase.
Thoughts battle words over deeds
A war with such casualties.
All played out behind a smiling face.

God I need your guidance
Tell me what it means
To live a life where nothings as it seems.
Spending days in silent fear,
And spending nights in lonely prayer.
Hoping that one day when you wake,
Those feelings won't be there.

So confused because I feel complete with him
When we're alone it all somehow makes sense.
Look into his eyes for some compromise
Remember the word, forget
And try to bury something so intense.

You learn to play the straight man,
Your lines become routine.
Never really saying what you mean.
But I know the scene will change,
White picket fences, and a dog,
A trophy bride and children
God I know that's what he wants

But Jason what role do I play,
Am I a savior or a phase?
Am I here to damn you?
Or to help you navigate this maze.
Where confusion is a crime,
So you fill your life with sound,
And if you dance like hell,
You hope you never touch the ground.

What happens when the music stops?
In the silence will he stay one day,
One day you'll realize that these feelings aren't going away
So we drive ourselves insane,
Spinning circles in our souls,
As we dance around and play pretend.
Then once again,
Reprise our roles.

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