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Best Kept Secret

Bare: A Pop Opera

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I know this world can have a place for us
If we just try to find a way to trust that time will be kind
In a fantasy I dream, awake, but reality is give and take
You take what you can, you give time a chance
We have to wait until the world is fast asleep
I'll wipe away your doubt
Show you why we keep
The best kept secret
The best kept secret...of all

All I ever want is there in your eyes
They tell me I'm alright and I realize I always knew
We whisper words when we're alone at night
I want to hear them in the morning light
Cuz with love on our side maybe we'd be alright
Beneath a million stars there's no need to pretend
I look around tonight and wonder why we can't end
The best kept secret...

It's best kept secret...

Didn't you see how no one in there cared?
A thousand people saw us dancing there
You have to give the world a chance--

A chance to what?
To see how deep the world can cut?
This is all a fantasy
Then we go back to school...
Just think it through

I think it through, and then you shut me up!
You're such a coward!

And you're a fool!

You know we can't go on forever this way

All this 'forever'...
Can't you live for today?

We have to grow up
There's so much more to love...

It's best kept secret

Best kept secret

Best kept secret

I love you, Jason

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