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Ever After

Bare: A Pop Opera

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You stand before me and I barely know you
Is it so easy to leave?
Where is the boy who said I was his soul mate?
Where is the boy I believed?

We climbed and escape grown from seeds that you planted
You slew all my giants, ignoring your own
And now that they hunt you
I'm left with my courage alone

So much for our ever after
I thought the good guys would triumph
I trusted the hero, I didn't hear his goodbye
I guess it was lost in the talk of a straight-acting coward

Who are you to go and blame this all on me?
You're the one who went ahead and changed the rules
What!? You found your way and now it's all okay?
Is it that simple then? Really!? You're such a fool!

It's time to wake up Peter, put away the fairytales
The clock is striking midnight, can't you hear?
Not all tales have happy endings, we can't keep pretending
'Cause there's no such thing as heroes who are queer

So much for our ever after
You can't be the same boy I followed...thought I'd always follow
You've hurt me more than you know
All that I wanted was you, you were my tomorrow...

Promise you won't say anything to everyone?

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