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Need To Kill


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Walk through the streets at night
Some feeling is back and start to rip my soul
This could be my time to feel alive, yeah.

Hardly used to being a simple man
But I still have a big hunger inside
To night someone will pay for the tears I cried

I don't even know your name
I don't even know your pain

I just need to kill somebody
We have to kill you not only one
I just need to kill somebody
We got no soul but we got a loaded gun
Just need to kill somebody

I'll be there for your mistakes
You will cry and blame my name
As I take breath and pain away

I came far from where I should be
Just for this moment you and me
You never know someone till he's finally dead

She, she was there beside of me
Watching over when I was playing
In the garden of life she was a tree

And you came from the other side
Took her life right in front my eyes
Still I feel the blood's stench into my nose

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