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Pact Of Mediocrity


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Distant from everybody
I'm losing my humanity it seems I'm not like this
How do everybody can close your eyes

You must ask yourself, who is profiting from it
So many at the street
I dont think it's a case for police
Is easy to see
Should our way to live be a way to kill
How many times you think the whole world can keep holding on

Eternal purchase
You paid for this
As your dreams become so old
A new car, or cellphone
Won't help when it all outsold

When your sanity became insanity
Do you deal with this
Or you made the pact of mediocrity
How do you sleep at night when you know is all your fault
Do you buy some stuff to forget your default
Your silence is criminal too

You know it's clear
They are buying your trust, with fear and golds
Since you convert to a new order of consumerism
It's now your chance to be
More to human world, more than you and me
It's all desire, if you let behind
You will see

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