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Another Day


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I'll be back again
To this road that I belong to
No one cares about me
No one cares about no one

So alone and tired
I used to dream I could so much
How I got here
Was just a trick inside my mind

I was expecting you to come
And bring your selfish skin
So I can take a little bite
Before a lose all I got
Coz' you always was the one who really knows me at all

Give up for all
So there's nothing to give up for
I used to dream I could so much
But I dont care anymore

I searched for anything
That fills the hole inside
But now I have to face the truth
Theres no salvation for my kind
How dare you expected that I would save you

Deep into your pictures
I know is the wishing well
To all my love my insanity
My desire to rout you into me
For every time I saw you bleed
I knew, you're sick just like me

Should I face another day
What is reserved to me
I won't stay to see
As I've built my way I'll make my end

You know me, accept the truth
When you left me
I tried to pass it through
You gave up on me, I gave up too

If only you decide your mind
We could do it right
But it's harder than yesterday
That was our last mistake

Please do never say a word
Please do never recognize my name
This time I go for good
This time I go

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