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Age of Heaven

The Garden Of Love

Age of Heaven

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Once when the roses flowered
In the garden of love
We played together on the grass
Time passed away when we lay
In the garden of love
Leaves were gently whispering in the wind

That was the only secret
That was the only thing
We ever had believed in
That was the place of love
That was the only shelter
There was an atmosphere
That gave us strength
That was like home for us

Your body snuggled up to me
In the garden of love
As we dreamed of distant things
And we hatched little secrets
In the garden of love
And we swore to be eternal friends

Years went by i went again
To the garden of love
And i saw what never i had seen
A chapel built in the middle
Where we used to play on the green
And tombstones where flowers should have been

The gates of this chapel were shut
And nothing was like before
And i knew our garden of love
Had disappeared for ever more

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