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Age of Heaven


Age of Heaven

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When winters didn't come again
No one was aware of it
When the sun burnt hard and harder
No one wanted to know it
When the polar ice began to melt
No one wanted to be guilty
And the oceans overflowed the shores
And the land sank into the sea

Open your eyes
And see the destruction
Open your eyes
And see what's going on
Open your eyes
And fight against it
As your environment is dying
The environment is dying down

No way to repair
No way to bring back
One time destroyed
It comes never again

The animals began to die
No one was interested in
The rain turned into dangerous poison
No one wanted to admit
The plant kingdom produced mutations
Nobody was the guilty
And the storm blowed over the rest of land
Left devastation only

When babies no more saw the light of day,
Radio disease spread out,
People cruely died in death
Was it too late to stop that all
And the sky was changing colour
And the sunlight going out
Darkness spread all over the land
And the end of world came down

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