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The Judgement


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Where are thou ?
Mine sight, mine flight.
Thine keeper, sought might.
Lord sentence, foreign command.
Then quake mask of earth.
Abominable, mistake.
Rise sword and mlaster, I incline for thy sake.
Serenade for thy calling.
Rage war, yonder, west.
North hurts, fallen, wanderer.
Gentle king, reigns, never- more.
While mine cries call-thee.
Saviour, Creator, Judgmentor.
Eld forest, cower.
Malevolent warrior, press hard, against my lips.
Entwined, mingled darkness weaves beside thy hand.
Vast, like desire, enshrined.
An ordinary man.
Robes fall, as cinders.
Call either side.
Fern lake, barrier homage.
Demand all fear.
Bite appropriately.
You leave to maryen regret.
And sentence me to know thee as a ghost.
Rear the ocean breath.
Draggeth he.
The host of wars.
Readily, I sensed thy wept,
Home again.
For you turn worlds.
You turn worlds.
Turn worlds.....................

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