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The Essence Of My Dreams


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Let darkness caress, the bleeding sunset.
O' Dark November, when a sky so black falls upon my palms.
Stretching renegade thoughts, to encase and cocoon.
The essence of my dreams.
I rise to thee, to touch thy hand.
Battle, battle, the time draws near.
Let us crush the gates to which the feeble claw and weep.
Kill the gods in heavens hall.
Rape the angels, one and all.
The serpent slender in my hand.
I cast my gaze, upon the cleansed land.
O' Dark November !
Refleet my dreams.
War on the weak.
Howling winds, bear Christian,
O' Dark November !
I await your call.
The empires of the Nazarene will fall !
A child eternal, draped in wax, held high above arrogance.
Clenched in hatred and released by the axe.
Dance with me, through skies of melancholy.
Glide through black and find the night.
Far below, lie the victims of folly, though they know no pain
For they have no foresight
Teased by the moon.
Released by the darkness.
Release your soul to evil and give it life.
Race with the winds and hearken to the master.
His embrace is truth, the touch is all.
The dance goes on, knowledge pours forth.
Enlightened you can be.
Just come and dance with me.
O' Dark November !
Bleed them, as they bleed me.

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