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Rain Sisters


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Rain Sisters
The beautiful one awoke, to take,
My breath away.
And I smiled as the moment swelled.
For we were lost, to the bewilderment, of, journey.
Everything we touched was quietly alive.
Pouring rose gold, into my veins.
And how she made, the silence glow, but entities, they never know.
Deep within the emerald lair.
Still as Winter smooth as air.
Yet vacant as my yearn for whispers.
Through the searching winds.
Beneath the cool vast arch of leaves.
Simple screaming clarity.
To slide between the secret gaps, of mountains.
Lost, in cool sheer places.
Faces in the gentle skyline.
Whom know not where, their destiny lingers.
Dramatic falls, attack oblivion.
To strange this comfort.
This..... hour glory.
As when we walked, through cloudless times.
Accepting visitors whom we should embrace.
The ghosts that laid beside us.
Cursing my imagination !
O' my gentle.

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