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Adam Chaki

Can't believe

Adam Chaki

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As I write this letter
Watch my hand shake with a thirst
I might not send it to you
Cos you might not get it first
But I've seen time lay tracks
And miles have come between
Memories still come back to me
Though other faces have I seen

As I phone your number
Put my fingers to the dial
Ain't nothing new about it
It's just been a long and painful while
Its so familiar
That I don't even have to look
In my back pocket for my
Little black book

And I can't believe that I'm still thinking about you
Can't believe that you're still messing with my head
For a long distance
Can't believe I'm still thinking about you
After all this time

Busting a sweat and I'm drowning in regret
Trying to deal with time
But I don't know how to do that yet
Reaching out to make the save
But the ball is already deep in the net

I wonder what you're into
Wonder what you're all about
I'd like to hear about you
Without you finding out
Answer some questions
Or at least I've got to try
But I don't know what kind or answer
Is going to satisfy

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