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Adam Chaki

Aren't You Glad

Adam Chaki

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In your own little way
You found out how to play
In the junkyard where you're living

But you had to swim throught blood
Taught yourself to dance on mud
Out where nothing gets forgiven

I'm so glad that you got free
I'm so happy you could be
In this armchair
With your husband

You get out and pay the cost
But I know all was almost lost
By the banks
Of the Hudson

My oh my it gets cold on
The all night bus
But now you can grow old
With the rest of us

In your own little way
You finally cast away
The filthy matress
Of self-pity

Found the basement of your hell
In a needle-srewn hotel
Out in alphabet city

Welcome home from the dead
Pour a cup of tea instead
Or going swimming in your eyes
Are forever unblinking

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