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Adam Chaki

Getting Late

Adam Chaki

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Its getting late
Time to pay the tab
Its getting late
Fall into a cab

Its time you should be going
While you still are vaguely able
The ashtray is overflowing
The chairs are up on the table
And I swear a cruel dawn is on the rise

Its getting late
Your fading like a rage
Its getting late
You start to feel your age

The room has started spinning
The crowd has become a blur
You thought that you were winning
You're suddenly not so sure
And tomorrow's starting to smell like blood and disaster

Its getting late
Empty our your cup
Its getting late
The lights are going up

The room is no longer swinging
The crowd is no longer clapping
The cluelest kind of failure
Is that almost never happened

And twighlight's promise shatters by roadside

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