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Acqua Fragile

Coffee Song

Acqua Fragile

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I think that I'll just walk out
A library's like a crowd with different badges,
Not the nicest spot for a sad cat

And adding another line,
The book that I'm writing down my cup of coffee
Where my non-sense can find a fast rest...
'Cause nothing's more itchy and sad
Than missin' the winning path
Being just tired

Complaining about the time
I spent trying to find a rhyme to match die lighted
Numbers scored up my pin-ball, on the wall

Don't push me, I know my skin
Let's much more out instead of in but
At the moment I confess it's the only fun,
Hum, Hum!
No matter what all girls say
We all got a rent to pay
Sell your hide!

My best shirt is down the street
Throws parties for ramblin' beads
Down cups of coffee
And my pockets are loaded with thrills
But nothing's more itchy and sad
Than missing the winning path
Being just tired.

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