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Mass-Media Stars

Acqua Fragile

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Clever, bright, ink smelling fellows
And those barking out loud in the air
The only ones who are oustanding
Who possess the political touch
Their official spell on music
Oiled up properly spreads all around
With a tacit understanding
Coming on though they get you to admire

Their amazing power, their fancy gala
Presenting you the Mass Media Stars
Well, according to their pamphlets
they've invented the rock an the roll
Behind stage at every concert
Their nobility enriches the show
Easy grasping, easy speaking
Ego tripper is stamped on their pass
Well, we couldn't say they're careless
But for sure they're responsible for

Depressing raves those hoot cool-aids
We owe light to the Mass Media Stars

We are the swinging guys stars of the mass media
Big bags and naughty lips we're freakish Lolitas
We knot to rock'n'roll much better than Elvis
Our tricks go back and forth
While shaking our pelvis

Their opinions and programming
Working us like cellophane traps
Christmas presents and wild week-ends
Get together the best running team
And their fine fine art of gossip
Is more important than who kicked the ball
But we must admit they play fair
'Cause their names are in print all the time

Spelled out so clear explode our ears.

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