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Acqua Fragile

Opening Act

Acqua Fragile

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Skipping from an always dusty hall
To another lonely highway
Not a line about you
Comes out on the local paper
And no willing groupies
Anxious to gently peel your oranges
Your ridiculous and broken down equipment
Drives you nicely out of tune.
Dragging on from one to another fatty guy
Who's trying to ignore you
Spy the top musicians sipping hard
From their half full cans

Try your steps!
Get all your strings together and
Get out your feather and lead

Yes, you're out!
Fuses for fire crackers your
Fingers will taste brand new frets

You're gonna be damned good and let it all out.
They gonna say Oh Wow!
And call out for more.
You'll wear the white suit of
The opening act

Watch your step!
Roadies and mighty managers
Get you so dizzy and high

Set your gear
While the audience keeps on stamping floors
Your sweaty hands're gripping sore

Though trying to be damned good and let it all out people being to

Before you're plugged in
And tear the white suit of
The opening act

We're alone!
Cheapest hotels and sandwiches
All sorts of bad words and chords

But tonight
Before the lights we click just right
And top stars thumbs all point up

Happy to be out and singing like hell
People begin to roar before we're plugged in
Shiny's the white rag of
the Opening Act.

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