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Above The Hate

The Kids From The Southside

Above The Hate

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The southside is the place that we come from
With a desire on our hearts
Not knowing if we'll reach the end
But still remembering the start!

We'll take you back!

To this place we once called home
I'm glad we made it
We turned our path on our way
Just to make you proud

With open hands and open hearts
We struggled our way through the start
We left you
But we're certain that we'll come back!

With a honest promise
Giving nothing less than our very best
We roamed to far away from home
To grow away from a distance

It's a family affair
It's a shot in the dark as we stand it
No longer we have learned to love
But we finally know what you mean to us!

We! Know what you mean to us
We're not! Speaking meaningless words
We will not! Forget our struggle
We'll not! Forget our streets!

We stay true to you
And hearts have spoken

These words are all for you
Every single one who believed in us
We hope we've made you proud

Even satan himself can't stop us
Even the hand of god can't crush us
Our desire is too strong
Nothing can bring us down!

We never had another home
From this distance we may feel so cold
This thing I feel it can't be sold
We are ready our weapon is loaded

And it will fire how we were told!

We are the kids from the southside!

Bring us home!

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