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Above The Hate

Rotten Face

Above The Hate

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I am rotten face!

To the people that criticize and talk a lot about my way of life
With them I'm not polite
I don't give a fuck about what you think of me
I don't give a fuck because

I am rotten face
And what I think of you I say it in your face!

Do you see me care? ('filha da puta')
For you I'll bounce, bounce, bounce right fuckin', right fuckin' now!

Don't talk about what you cannot understand!

Remember my face
It's not that look that you see everyday
Did I get your atention?
Your opinions and styles or whatever do you wanna call it
Are things that I don't care but make me start questioning

What the fuck do you stand for?

Maybe I live with my life on the line but for me that's fine
I like it that way, no fear, no shame!

Open that fuckin' ears!
I stand for my brothers, my friends, for all my family
This all passion you can't see
I don't give a fuck about how the world see me
This is my life and I live it rotten face!

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