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Above The Hate

The Sunset Of The Thankful

Above The Hate

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Yeahh, above the hate!
We are
Still rotten face
After 2012, what the fuck we didn't die?!

The sun is setting like it never did before!

All of this negativity that since a kid is surrounding me
It's something dispensable but I swallow it and I set it free
Everybody got demons everybody got problems in life
But some people don't comprehend
And don't give value to the little things they have!

You need to lose to feel the cost
Maybe it's time for you to give a fuck!

I was once like you
It was too good to be true

Now the sun is burning me I feel like it's setting on my back
All the regrets and all the ghosts are present but they can't hold me back
Oh my god I'm so gratefull for the choices I have been mading
Is not the life that I choose but at least I got the crew that I love the most!

I am so thankfull it's true!
The sun of disgust is coming for you!


Run! Yide! cry! die! you don't deserve this beatiful life
You spit negativity and bleed hipocrisy
I'll breathe! Seel! see! 'till my heart stops beating
But always with a smile I'm living not surviving!

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