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Mask of Sanity


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I have seen vivid visions
Through dreams in the mind's eye
Fantasy drives me closer
The passion and the lust to murder
Watch her cry, see her die
I can see the fear in her eyes
By my hand I will take her life
The craving I have from deep inside
The hunger, the pain for their blood
I have to kill, it's the only way
In the day, I'm a man of society
No one knows the monster I am
If they only knew the other side of me
Smiles would turn to cries
And be my victim in the night
They will fear my icy grip so bold
No more tears, for the dead cry no more
Just another day in life tucked away
This bloodthirst to kill, my lambs to slay
I can feel my mask of sanity slipping
In a cold sweat, mind and body become numb
Now crying eyes are watching over me
They are onto me, nowhere else to go
Darker and darker my sins become
I taste the blood of filthy whores
In a closet the bodies hang to dust and decay
And sometimes I ponder, Am I really insane?
Through the streets the chase is on
They are coming for me
On the run, nowhere to hide, they will find me
From exhaustion my sight turns to black
Sleep takes me
The next day all is fine
Was I dreaming?

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