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Desecration Of Life


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Blindness leading the misfortunate king. hope is
Stripped away from their minds. tongues of fire, a
Soul burning kiss. soft hands are caressing the dead.
Hope is for the people who are lost. terror has filled
The hearts of the dying. grasping onto what is no
More. their world is crumbling underneath them.
Blurred visions of tearful eyes. the storm of a gray
Dismal sky. scarred as you tremble and fall. terrified
As youre trying to crawl. pitiful one living in dumb
Anguish. your stupidity is the cause of it all. the
Dead are one hundred times fold. your faults have
Caused turmoil and chaos. all is lost, all is gone,
Nevermore. a world for the dead, catastrophe. your
Bones crumble into dust. a blaze of fire, star nights
Tower. a power that takes their souls. persecutor,
Dead, catastrophe. your bones crumble into dust. a
Blaze of fire, star nights tower. a power that takes
Their soul, persecutor executions, the time is now, to
Watch them die. they will be slain for their rights.
For their ignorance is law. pillar of bodies temples
High are left. forgotten to smell, rotten, swarming
With flies. desecration of life.

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