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Endless Nightmare


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Life in a dream within the realms of fantasy
Away from the light, warped reflections of past life
Falling into the grey the fear intensifies
Madness and chaos, the highways of disbelief
Deep in my world, figures of black that shadow me
Deep in my pain, madness and rage soils me
Merciless and cold are the ones that smile
Gripped with terror, how false they are
Driven by madness, compelled to keep holding on
Insane are the black, how dear and close to me
Leave me in this endless nightmare!

In my subconscious i heard the voices from beyond
In whispers they call to me pulling me into eternity
So vast and black for all to see in this alternate reality
Here we will stay if we do not wake, the past is behind you, the future forsake.

And here is forever never to sleep, eat or drink
Pleasures of normal life are over
The pleasures we endure here are foul and soured
Tainted with the stench of impurity
Can't you see this is me, comatose, never to be free
Once a life, hope to be dead, to release me from this state i'm in.
Kill me!
My silent screams go unheard
Lost in dreams, never to return from this endless nightmare!

Lost in a dream, fantasy becomes reality
No normal life, in the abyss is where i'll stay
Exploring catacombs on the other side
Traveling the highways to opposite plains
Submerging deeper into the black
And here i will stay

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