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Fire and Sodomy


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Fallen from grace, wretched spirit waste
How bleak the light inside these walls
Grim are the sounds of sodomy
Laid to waste as your blood now flows
The realm below is the same as above
Curse the land where sinners mourn
Suffering souls to great tolls
Bloodstained chains
Bound your ass to show
The wretched scene, the flames burning
Doomed it may appear
Obey his manifestation
Those of the unlight
Are here for his glorification
Kingdoms upon kingdoms will fall
Set for elimination
Mortals become immortals
Chanting the incantations
Of hatred and spell so ever cursed
Defiled and raped of humanity
Dark are the words fulfilled
You have been blessed by fire and sodomy
My dark desires are unto me
Enter my world of fire and sodomy
Dive into the lake of fire
Swim the seas of sin forever
Embracing the pain by hell's command
Despair becomes your soul, a lost soul
And cast down you are to be
Imprisoned and tortured by demons

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