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Rumpus Of The Undead


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Aghrrr.... Aghrrr....

Black mass, free to their will
Armed with, diabolic skill
Impale, wrath of the black saint
Relish, the only shreds remain

Aghrrr.... Aghrrr....

Crypts of death, darkness
Corpse of hell, carcass
Slay the ram, haunting
Reek the grave, chanting
Rage of death, horror
Raise the dead, terror
Burn in flame, torment
Lust for souls, demon

Cries of hate
Meet your fate
Feel the craft
Face your wrath

Aghrrr.... Aghrrr....

Ride the night, gravely
Wield the sword, fury
Split the skulls, horrid
Smell of doom, rancid
Drink the blood, ghoulies
Prowl your prey, zombies
League of death, demised
Bath in gore, baptized

Blind your faith
None is saved
Face the dread
Birth is dead

Aghrrr.... Aghrrr....

Dark creed, gird through the loins
Evil, free from the bond
Hatred, brew destruction
Dismal, null damnation

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