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Repudiated Faith


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Aghrrr.... Aghrrr.... aghrrr....

Praise of death, shroud of fear, manifested wrath
Sanctify the charm, chanted rites, divine nocturnal craft
Infidels, dark defilers, into damnation
Crucify, Jesus christ, perversive blasphemer

Hang the pope
Blind the hope
Rape the nun
Evil is done

Trust the cross, condemned faith, the catholic shall burn
Holy priest, damnated pride, hell is what you earn
Psalms of light, misaligned verse, perceiving the truth
Angel cries, their wings burn, benumb by the fall

Bible lies
Scorch your eyes
Digest your pray
Recede your say


Confession, by the altar, unveils the deed
Martyrdom, nightmare, perturbating the sleep
Scabrous demon, baptized by blood, putrefy the church
Walls of faith, crumble & fall, entomb without a grave

Sadist lust
Shatter the crust
Reapers rule
Burn the fools

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