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Profaned Immolation


8 acessos

Bewitched wizards, sworn to hell
Boil the cauldron, chant the spell
Vile infidels, dewronged souls
Possessed sadist, raise the ghouls

Butcher, dreadful, carnage
Anguish, torture, torment
Preaching, rites of, demon

Bludgeon slaughter, holy lust
Maladjusted priest, rip the crust
Light the candles, carve the flame
Angel of death, make his claim


Hidden, dark secrets
Mortals, kiss the dirt
Angels, break the key
Reaper, hear the plea

Burning desire, take control
Dejected massacre, rage takes toll
Black evil divine, wash your fate
Infernal death tomb, scar of hate

Scorching, blinding, darkness
Dismayed, conjured, masses
Bodies, rot to, ashes

Resurrected demon, reincarnate
Violator of truth, abominate
Forgotten nightmares, surge your mind
Rebirth of doom, oblivion in time

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