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A Past Unknown

Wide Is The Path To Destruction

A Past Unknown

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Smother every single warning,
Darkness has you turned away.
Give it up, you are not your own.
This is who we are, get what we deserve.

How much are you hiding, you know i will find you out.
Dark will not prevail inside if righteousness is bleeding out.
Separate myself from all the lies in front of me.
Where am i when this is all i know?
Call us broken, where do we go?
We’re always searching, what is the meaning?
Lost in thought, throw out what’s right,
Are we what we thought, are we bought with a price?

Is this not who we are?
Our thoughts are waiting in the dark.
Conform to what we want when inside,
We’re corrupt. will you replace me?
This is what i need.
I am waiting, give me something, bring me peace,
Inside i’m raging, i can’t get up, is this what i deserve?

Wake up, we are heading for destruction.
Without you, there is no meaning, without you,
We are defeated, without you, helpless, abandoned.
Block out our thoughts, reign in our lives, fill us with all of you.
This is who we are, ruined without you.

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