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A Past Unknown

The Critic

A Past Unknown

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Take the fall of us. Wicked and wrecked we come to a place where I can't carry on. Find me out in an instance, Your presence kills my ties to these sick misleading alibis.

Here I am a critic restored, I don't care what they say anymore, you come at me with a mouth of deceit, I serve only One who destroys and defeats you, a critic, a mouth full of sores, you'll be drug down to the nightmare you built, I won't look back, I'll show no remorse, your time is done misleading no more.

What if we all understand our own wrong intentions? Guided by a heart that dies, where's the honor in our minds? Leaving a legacy to be entangled by the snare of lies you left behind, dragging reason from our minds, burn the scales off our eyes.

You always take the fall for us, waiting patiently to come and rescue me. Find me out in an instance your presence kills my ties to these sick misleading alibis.

You know your done, this battle is already won. The promises you couldn't keep left them all in deceptive defeat.

Watch the chains as they burn, your demise is the cure for this curse. I've seen it all with a scar that's your work, now it's you being left in the dark

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